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Feel free to call any of our loan officers at (270) 526-3881 or contact them via their emails below, they will be happy to explain any of our loan products and help you determine which one best suits your borrowing needs.

Morgantown Lenders

Mark Embry Mark Embry

Asst. Vice President
NMLS ID# 460925

Mindy Mason Mindy Mason

Jr. Loan Officer
NMLS ID# 1613706

Darrell McKee Darrell McKee

Vice President
NMLS ID# 460930

Kay Romans Kay Romans

Relationship Banker
NMLS ID# 464515


Amber Smith Amber Smith

Loan Officer
NMLS ID# 1667576

Bowling Green Lenders

Donna Cox Donna Cox

Junior Loan Officer

Greg Gay Greg Gay

Asst. Vice President
NMLS ID# 469968

Ken Smart Ken Smart

Senior Vice President
NMLS ID# 460924
Warren County Community President

Lesley Upchurch Lesley Upchurch

Junior Loan Officer

Chris Young Chris Young

Senior Vice President
NMLS ID# 791074
Senior Lending Officer