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Debit Card Alerts with Real-time Activity Alerts

MBT Debit Card Alerts are an additional security feature that you can add to your account for no additional fee (standard data and text carrier rates may apply).

These alerts are sent to the mobile phone number or email address you provide when signing up for the service.

Even if you have multiple cards on your account, you can set these alerts up for all your cards if you would like.  

Quickly detect fraud and keep up with your debit card transactions, sign-up for MBT Debit Card Alerts today!

How do I sign up for MBT Debit Card Email or Text Alerts?

You are now able to setup alerts from within the Mobile App or Online Banking.  Once logged in, click Manage Alerts from the Menu options.  Click on the card to set Card Alerts, Enable the alert types you would like to receive and input your email address and/or phone number to receive these alerts.



Example of MBT Debit Card Text Alerts

SMS Alert

Your debit card ending in 3421 has processed a transaction for $18.99 and the transaction was APPROVED. 

Debit Card Alerts FAQ

How much does this feature cost?

$0.  Our Debit Card Texts Alerts can be added to your account at no additional cost (standard carrier data and text rates may apply).

Can I stop the SMS text messages if I don’t want them any longer?

Yes. Just log back into the mobile app or online banking and set the alert to OFF.  

Can alerts be sent to customers traveling internationally?

We are unable to send texts internationally.