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Agriculture Scholarship Program

Application Deadline: April 18th

This scholarship was established to assist any Warren or Butler County senior who intends to pursue post-secondary education to obtain a degree in the field of Agriculture. This could include a four-year college degree or a two-year college associate degree program.

Download Application 

If you are an eligible student and would like this scholarship application mailed to you, please call 270-526-3881 or send your request to and include your name, mailing address and name of high school.

Morgantown Bank and Trust Scholarships

Morgantown Bank and Trust plans to award multiple scholarships, which will total $10,000, to seniors graduating in 2019. These scholarships will be awarded to Butler and Warren County seniors who intend to pursue a post-secondary education. The post-secondary education may include a four-year college degree, a two-year college associates degree, or a vocational/technical school degree.

Applications will be available no sooner than January 1, 2019.